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The HME Scent Slammer Portable Scent Elimination Devise is the perfect accessory for the outdoor enthusiast. Remove unwanted odors from all of your hunting clothing or even your gym clothes! Don't let your scent free hunting clothes attract foul odors on the way to the hunt by using the Scent Slammer Scent Elimination Device you can eliminate them before you get in the vehicle. When hunting seasons are through the Scent Elimination Device continues working to eliminate other odors from sweat. - Eliminates ALL types of odors - Produces proper yet safe amount of Ozone to kill and remove odor causing particles like bacteria sweat human odor oils VOCs as well as smoke - Small and lightweight - Drop in any hunting sports or gym bag - Rated for up to 106 cubic feet - Safe for use in enclosed areas - Will not damage or wear clothing - Rechargeable Micro USB included - Run time: 18 hours of continuous use - Battery Capacity: 500mAh - Ozone Output: 2mg/h

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