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Langdon Tactical Technology

Langdon Tactical Technology Beretta 1301 w/ RMR Mount, Side Saddle, LTT Bronze

Product Code : 41639


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LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun

The LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun is BACK and the ultimate in features giving you a complete shotgun straight out of the box, we start with The Beretta 1301 Gen 3 Base, MLOK rail mount options on the hand guard, MagPul Tactical Shotgun Stock, QDC sling mounting point options and ultra reliable 7 round tube* + a Langdon Tactical Trigger Job that improves the smoothness and consistency of the trigger pull and makes it slightly lighter.  These LTT shotguns also include a nylon Bulldog Shotgun Case! 

*This is different from previous versions offered as Beretta moved to a fixed extension tube model with this Gen 3 Base - We CANNOT ADJUST this. 

LTT starts with the Beretta Gen 3 1301 Parts and add the following: 

  • MagPul Zhukov Handguard modified by LTT and GG&G
  • MagPul Stock (Black) 
  • Stock Adapter by GG&G 

The Following Options have been added

  • Six Shot Side Saddle by GG&G
  • LTT RMR Mount by GG&G
    (Compatible with the Trijicon RMR & SRO as well as Holosun 407c/507c/508t, and most other third party optics fitting the RMR footprint)
  • LTT Bronze Cerakote

The LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun is a Title 18 USC 922r Compliant Shotgun. The Beretta 1301 Manual can be found here:

**The scuff on the LTT 1301 barrel (see final image) is normal, and part of the upgrade process from removal of the OEM Beretta handguard. This scuff is unavoidable during the upgrade, and is not cause for concern. This barrel scuff will not be accepted as reason for return, RMA, or warranty requests.**

Still have questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information!


1. The Forend 
LTT is using Magpul Zhukov forend with a smooth adapter.  This is a product enhancement in manufacturing because it uses a smoothed out machining process versus a step down machine process making the forend smooth and clean. 
2. The Stock Adapter
The Stock adapter we use has a Spring Tensioned Bolt Recoil Buffer. The specially designed GG&G Spring Tensioned Bolt Recoil Buffer is very similar to the bolt recoil buffer designed by the Beretta engineers and is installed in all the factory 1301's to absorb the shock of the bolt under recoil and stop the bolt from striking the rear of the aluminum receiver that could cause operational damage
3. The Side Saddle
LTT is using the Side Saddle from GG&G.  A few things to note, this Six Shell Saddle holds the shells VERY snug when you first get it. We recommend inserting and removing shells a few times to 'grease' the slots. 
4. What is the difference between a Beretta 1301 Gen 2 and Gen 3 Shotgun? The Gen 2 Shotgun has been discontinued and is no longer available. When we made the additions to that model, removing the factory forend left a scuff mark on the barrel that could not be fixed.  Additionally, the Gen 2 1301 had a two-piece magazine tube.  The Beretta 1301 Gen 3's have a one piece 7rd solid magazine tube that eliminates the need for a mag tube extension and comes with a plastic cover for the end of it. Some Gen 3'd are available from Beretta with a pistol grip stock, however, most people find it not ergonomically friendly, which is why we do not offer it as part of our solution. 
5. What is the LTT 1301 Trigger Job? LTT added the Trigger Job offering to their 2023 1301's. The Beretta 1301 trigger is great out of the box, however, they found that doing our polish and stone work that they do added value and a noticeable improvement in both weight and smoothness in the trigger pull. 

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